Creating a better quality of life

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The Ririan Project Blog has a post about creating better quality of life. Which is well worth a visit if you feel your life is not up to much at the moment.

The post basically suggests 5 tips for you, each of them good and worthwhile.

  1. Find out what makes you happy – which is a very true tip but one that is not always that easy to do.
  2. Spend time with your family and friends – again this is well worthwhile, my only caveat would be to ensure that the people you keep company with are positive people and help enhance your time with them. Sadly, we all know people who complain a lot or who bring us down in different ways.
  3. Never stop learning – yes and never believe that you cannot learn.
  4. Focus on what you need to do and get it done – I didn’t expect this one and, thinking about it, it makes good sense. Do make sure though that you prioritise what you need to do and do what is most important as a priority.
  5. Spend time each day gathering your thoughts and clearing your mind – another good point. This I guess is something that many of us have difficulty doing, perhaps because we feel guilty about apparently doing nothing or perhaps because we feel there is no time in the day for us to devote to such an activity. There is little doubt, though that this is a very worthwhile activity.

So there, you go, 5 tips from the Ririan Project Blog about making a better quality of life for yourself.

 Creating a better quality of life
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